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Experience Authentic Fajitas in Fairfax, VA from Uncle Julio’s

A truly authentic fajita experience is right around the corner at Uncle Julio’s in Fairfax, VA. Traditional Mexican flavors meld together with our mesquite-grilled meats to make for the best fajita experience in town! No matter if you like to pile your fresh tortilla high with just meat, all veggies, or extra guacamole, there isn’t a wrong way to eat authentic fajitas from Uncle Julio’s in Fairfax, VA! Stop in today and discover delicious, traditional fajita flavors in every bite.

The Best Fajitas in Fairfax, VA Begin With Using the Right Ingredients

When it comes to fajitas at Uncle Julio’s, we pay attention to the details. Each dish we create is rooted in our belief to give our guests an authentic Mexican dining experience in Fairfax through quality ingredients and handcrafted flavors — and this is especially true for each of our fajita dishes, from deliciously seasoned chicken to our tender, hand-cut steak fajitas.

Pile up your homemade flour tortilla with grilled steak, chicken, veggies, shrimp, or a protein combination, and finish it off with housemade pico de gallo, seasoned mexican rice, and authentic guacamole made from scratch, all made right in-house. The only better way to enjoy the best fajitas in Fairfax is with good friends and a fresh Margarita of the Month!

Get the Best Steak Fajitas in Fairfax, VA

If you’re looking for the best steak fajitas Fairfax, VA has to offer, you gotta start with the best steak — and at Uncle Julio’s in Fairfax, we know steak! Our delicious Skirt Steak Fajitas start with a 21-day aged grain-fed skirt steak. Each steak is hand-trimmed by our butcher to ensure every steak we throw on our mesquite grill is the best possible cut of meat. Whenever you’re craving authentic carne asada fajitas with traditional mexican taste in Fairfax, then it’s time to head to Uncle Julios for our Skirt Steak Fajitas.

Do you want to take your steak fajita game to the next level? You need Uncle Julio’s Filet Mignon Fajitas. Pile your homemade flour tortilla high with tender cuts of grain-fed filet that’s been grilled over mesquite wood, and finish it off with our house-made agave queso sauce for a perfect combination.

Order Uncle Julio’s Famous Carnitas Fajitas in Fairfax, VA

Are you in the mood for some authentic Mexican food in Fairfax? You can’t get more traditional than Carnitas Fajitas from Uncle Julio’s! We slow-braise our pork with a honey chipotle glaze to get the right balance of sweet and savory. Layer your carnitas fajitas with a dash of fresh cilantro and our homemade lime crema for a delicious addition to this traditional Mexican dish.

Delicious Shrimp Fajitas Done Right in Fairfax, VA

Order the best shrimp fajitas in town from Uncle Julio’s in Fairfax, VA. We use our signature parilla spice to generously season every shrimp and cook them on a mesquite grill for a robust and savory flavor in every bite.

At your local Uncle Julio’s in Fairfax, making delicious shrimp fajitas wasn’t enough, which is why we started cooking up our Honey Habanero Shrimp wrapped in bacon for a spicy and sweet flavor that’ll have your mouth watering — and definitely have you reaching for your drink! The sweet and hot combo of honey and habaneros goes perfect with the smoky bacon and grilled shrimp, giving you a one-of-a-kind fajita experience at Uncle Julio’s in Fairfax.

Authentic Chicken Fajitas Near You from Uncle Julio’s in Fairfax, VA

Fajitas and mesquite grilled chicken go together like, well, fajitas and chicken! We start our chicken fajitas with juicy, white meat chicken breast and mesquite grill it for a perfectly smoky and tender bite every time. Construct your perfect chicken fajita with delicious Mexican Butter, scratch-made guacamole, and fresh pico de gallo, or eat your chicken fajitas right off the plate — you can’t really go wrong no matter what!

If you’re having trouble deciding on your fajitas, Uncle Julio’s chicken and steak fajitas and chicken and shrimp fajitas can help! We mix the right amount of chicken and steak or shrimp to give you the best fajita flavors all on one plate. When you’re in the mood for the best grilled chicken fajitas near you, don’t just go anywhere. Get delicious, traditional fajitas and scratch-made Mexican cuisine at Uncle Julio’s in Fairfax, VA. Dine in or place your order for pickup or delivery now!